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Ridgeway, VA Home Security Systems -- Professional Installation With ADT Monitoring

Since no two Ridgeway homes are alike, why purchase a security system that’s a standard solution? You might want a basic alarm system that includes windows, doors, and motion sensors for your essential rooms. Maybe you need a more robust security solution that includes indoor and outdoor video cameras, flood and fire detection, and smart home capabilities. In any case, your Ridgeway security system should include a 24/7 monitoring system, like ADT monitoring.

Selecting The Right Products For Your Ridgeway, VA Home Security System

Depending on your security coverage, you can invest in:

  • Window and door detectors on exterior windows and doors
  • Motion detectors for designated rooms
  • Monitored fire, CO, and flood detectors
  • Wireless remote keyfob for arming your system
  • Digital keypad with an incredibly loud alarm
  • Indoor, outdoor, and doorbell security cameras
  • ADT Control phone app for access from virtually everywhere
Ridgeway security systems

Ridgeway Security Cameras Let You View Your Property When You Are On the Go

If you wish to see who is coming to your door or the cause of that noise outside, you’ll need an Ridgeway security camera. A doorbell camera lets you see your front steps and gives you a feed on your packages or visitors before you get the door. Outdoor cameras are motion activated, and include low-light and waterproof designs that deliver video in HD quality. Or keep an eye on the children and pets with an interior, wide angle camera.

With ADT Control, watch real-time video from your Ridgeway security cameras. You can even receive an alert if your camera’s motion detector was triggered so you can check on things at your house.

Fire, Water, and CO Monitoring Can Help You to Relax

Safeguarding your residence from intruders isn’t the only way to protect your home and the people in it. Emergencies happen, and it’s important that you’re ready. Fire detectors in your Ridgeway home monitored by ADT can warn you to not only smoke, but also when the temperature rising above normal temps.

A lot of traditional smoke alarms can alert your household to smoke and fire only when someone is present. However, a monitored fire alarm notifies an ADT monitoring center when activated, even if you’re away. As soon as the monitoring station is alerted, the correct personnel will be alerted, based on your home’s custom emergency plan. You can also have monitored CO and flood detectors to even better protect your family and house.

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Select ADT Monitoring In Ridgeway To Help Keep Your Home Safe

Help protect your home with a security system monitored by ADT, one of the best known names in home security. When you have ADT monitoring in Ridgeway, you can be reassured that if your alarm is set off, an ADT monitoring center will be notified and will help attend to your emergency. They will then alert the needed personnel, according to your personalized emergency plan. This way your home is watched over, even if no one is home.

Manage Your Ridgeway Home Security System And Receive Digital Automation With ADT Control

You can control your Ridgeway security system with a central touchpad with any package. But if you upgrade to the Remote Package with ADT Control, you’ll get access to your alarm system while traveling with live video and digital automation abilities. The simple ADT Control app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones, devices and PCs. You can sync the ADT Control App with Alexa and Google Home digital assistants.

Should you choose the Video and Home Automation package, you will enable smart home capabilities. Ridgeway home automation through ADT Control will let you connect to more than 5000 products, including thermostats, lights, speakers, and more. With a Smart Home it becomes easier to make your life go a bit more smoothly, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and help keep your home safe.

Get Secure with Professional Home Alarm Installation in Ridgeway

When you’ve picked out your Ridgeway home security system, a specialist will help you set up your appointment for a time that works well for you. Then, they’ll walk you through what to expect at the time of your appointment. In nearly all areas, you can even arrange a same-day or next day installation appointment.

At your installation appointment, your installers will point out the best places to put sensors, equipment, and cameras. Then the installers will quickly get your equipment configured correctly. Before leaving your home, the installer will ensure that the system operates as it should and that you’re syncing with the nearby ADT monitoring facility. They’ll also train you on how to manage your system and control panel.

Ridgeway home security systems

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