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ADT smoke detector in a Roanoke family room
May 24, 2021

Monitored Fire Alarms Vs Smoke Detectors In Roanoke

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends you install a smoke detector.  At the very least, your house should use a smoke detector in every bedroom, the hall leading to sleeping quarters, and on every level of the structure (don’t forget the basement). But, should you just place a standard smoke detector, or is it better for you to you opt for a more cutting-edge monitored fire alarm? The decision is ultimately up to your preference, but here’s the arguments in the monitored fire alarm vs. smoke detector in Roanoke debate.

Standard Smoke Detectors Only Pick Up Smoke

As the name suggests, ordinary smoke detectors only trip when they sense an excess of smoke. Then they go off -- usually with a high-decibel beeping -- until you reset the device. Naturally, there's no promise that anyone will notice the noise if you’re [[away|absent|not home].

For best results, you should get robust smoke detectors that are responsive for both smoke from both roaring and smoldering remains. It’s advised to interconnect your detectors so all alarms go off in unison. That way, you always know if there's a blaze from upstairs, even if it occurs from a mishap in the ground floor.

Monitored Fire Alarms Alert You To Fire When You Are In The House Or Anywhere

A monitored fire alarm aesthetically appears and installs the exact same way as your ordinary smoke detector. If they sense fire conditions around the premises, they'll create a incredibly loud tone. But, there's a myriad of functions that your monitored fire alarms are going to accomplish that your smoke detectors isn’t able to.

First off, high-tech sensors will scan for increasing thermal energy in addition to different kinds of smoke. When they detect fire, they'll alert your ADT monitoring team as well as set off the high-decibel alarm. That lets you concentrate on fleeing from the situation as your monitoring center sends emergency services. And because your monitoring team is always alert, your alarms never fail to notify a professional no matter where you are.

Monitored fire alarms usually link into your Roanoke home security system. Other equipment networked to the same system can be programmed to respond when your fire alarms go off. For example, your smart thermostat can automatically power the vent fan, which may help prevent fire spread. Or have your whole house dive into operation and have the lights power on, your doors unlatch, and your other alarms disarms. You can even have your system issue your phone a message to know that your home's in danger while you're out on vacation.

ADT monitored heat detector in Roanoke 

The Final Verdict Of Monitored Fire Alarms Vs. Smoke Detectors in Roanoke

It's obvious to see what is superior in a straight comparison between monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors. You just get so many additional benefits with a monitored fire alarm.

Standard Smoke Detectors:

● Sounds high-decibel siren when the component finds an abundance of smoke

Monitored Fire Alarms

● Sounds high-decibel alarm when the device finds excessive amounts of smoke

● PLUS has sensors for high heat

● PLUS pairs with your ADT home security system

● PLUS informs a 24/7 monitoring professionals which will alert emergency responders

● PLUS shoots you a notification to your smart device

Get Monitored Fire Alarms As Part Of Your Roanoke Security System

To pull the most from your monitored fire alarms, you'll need a cutting-edge security system, like ADT. Fortunately, Secure24 Alarm Systems can tailor-make your ADT home security bundle to include fire and safety alarms. Just call (540) 212-9084 or submit in the form below to get started.